Lal Kitab Varsh Kundli

Lagna Chart

 * ***                      ***                      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Sun    Mer    ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *Rah       ***  5***    4            ***  3***          *
 *      6      ***   Asc   Sat           ***             *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ven  Jup  *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***    2  *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***               7      ***               1      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Mar           ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***   12  *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***Ket  Mon  *
 *      8      ***                       ***             *
 *          ***  9***   10            *** 11***          *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***                      ***                      *** *

Lalkitab Chart

Year 2002 - 2003

 * ***                      ***                      *** *
 *    ***               ***     *** Mon    Ket    ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *Rah       ***  2***    1            *** 12***          *
 *      3      ***   Asc                 ***             *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***          *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***   11  *
 *    ***               ***     *** Mer           ***    *
 * ***               4      ***              10      *** *
 *    ***  Sat          ***     *** Sun           ***    *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***    9  *
 *          ***   ***                 ***   ***     Mar  *
 *      5 Ven  ***                       ***             *
 *Jup       ***  6***    7            ***  8***          *
 *       ***         ***           ***         ***       *
 *    ***               ***     ***               ***    *
 * ***                      ***                      *** *
Lalkitab Remedies
 Sun  Wear a white cap when in sun. Giving sweets to the blinds will bring good luck to you.
 Moon  Rain water bath is the best remedy for you.
 Mars  Keep a red coloured cloth in your pocket to bring good luck.
 Mercury  Not to keep money plant in the house. Non -vegetarian food and alcohol strictly prohibited.
 Jupiter  Not to accept anything free,not even gifts. Clean places of worship often.
 Venus  Feed the cows. Not to get married against the wishes of the parents.
 Saturn  Not to have alcohol. Put four kilos of unboiled milk in a well.
 Rahu  Not to keep ivory.
 Ketu  Give food to the dogs to attract luck.


Influence of planet Sun

The position of Sun in the 12th house of your Horoscope makes you fortunate. Keeping a hand operated wheat-grinding machine in the house will increase your income. Due to the position of Moon, you or your spouse may get effected in the eyes. Do not repair any machine yourself, instead hire a mechanic to do the work. Dealing in iron and wood can give you losses. Taking the blessings of your elders will increase your luck.


1. Do not eat fish.

2. Do not repair any machines yourself.

3. Do not accept bribes.

4. Maintain a good character.

5. Do not indulge in black-marketing.

Influence of planet Moon

The position of Moon in the 9th house of your Horoscope shows that your heart will be inclined towards peoples sufferings. You will receive name and fame in society. Your fortune will change after the 23rd year of your life. You will have interest in travelling. You are of a polite nature and will have interest in music. You will be inclined towards charitable work. You will receive happiness and co-operation from your father. You will be benefited only through a sweet nature. Possessing an offensive nature can be harmful to you. Behaving politely will help you in gaining progress in life.


1. Visit religious places regularly.

2. Maintain a good behaviour.

3. Stay away from arrogance. Be modest.

Influence of planet Mars

The position of Mars in the 10th house of your Horoscope shows that you will be very important in your family. Reciting the Gayatri mantra will increase your luck. You will get chances to accumulate property. You will have good health. Someone may try to tarnish your image, hence be careful. Selling gold can have a bad influence on your children, hence do not sell gold.


1. Worshipping Lord Hanuman will make you progress in work.

2. Always take some sweets after food.

3. Feed channa to the deers.

4. See that the boiling milk does not spill on fire.

Influence of planet Mercury

The position of Mercury in the 12th house of your Horoscope shows that if you are a male, your luck wonít favour you due to which you will be mentally upset. If the Sun is also situated in this house, then there are chances of improvement. Getting married in the 25th year of your life is not a good sign for your luck. Speculating and gambling is not good for you. Do not wear any kind of beads around your neck, this can tarnish your image.


1. Purchase an earthen pot with a lid from the market and float it in flowing water.

2. Anger can be the cause for your destruction, hence stay calm.

3. Wear a steel ring without joints in your little finger.

4. Apply turmeric tilak on your forehead.

Influence of planet Jupiter

The position of Jupiter in the 11th house of your Horoscope shows that you will receive help and profits in your life. Your fatherís long life will be lucky for you. Working together with the family will be good for you. You may get disappointed if you live alone. You will help the poor and needy people and will have faith on religion, by which you will progress. There are chances of having some eye trouble. You will have good friendship with your friends. You will have many of earning but you will not be able to accumulate wealth, hence be careful.


1. Do not consume alcohol.

2. Keep helping young female children.

3. Serve a cow.

4. Always keep turmeric and kesar in the house.

Influence of planet Venus

Due to the position of Venus in the 11th house of your Horoscope, you should be careful of abdominal diseases and should avoid bad company from the beginning itself. After marriage, donate a black coloured cow. You may have many daughters. Your spouse will be fortunate. Worshipping the goddess will give you profits. You will also gain from your in-laws. You will earn money from many works in your life.


1. Always wash your feet before starting any work.

2. Donate some mustard oil.

3. Donate some cotton or curd.

4. Serve a white cow.

Influence of planet Saturn

The position of Saturn in the 1st house of your Horoscope shows that after your birth, there may be a decrease in your family property. There may be some obstacles in your studies and there are chances of your health ailing in the early stages of childhood. Your mother may also have some problems. You will not benefit much from the government. You will not gain much profit from your family business. You will have a long life. Your destiny will change slowly.


1. Avoid alcohol and non-veg food.

2. Pour some milk on the roots of Banyan tree.

3. Donate oil, black grain, black clothes and iron.

Influence of planet Rahu

Due to the position of Rahu in the 3rd house of your kundi, you will lead a happy life. This effect will not be too good for your brothers. You will earn wealth and fame through your hard work and courage. Your enemies will be weak and they will be under your pressure. The happiness from the children will be good. You may face family troubles in 22nd and 34th year of your life. You will have a good name in the society. You have a courageous and ambitious nature. You will receive love and co-operation from your spouse.


1. Do not tell lies.

2. Plant a Peepal tree.

3. Feed the birds in daytime.

4. Keep an Elephant tusk in the house.

Influence of planet Ketu

The position of Ketu in the 9th house of your Horoscope shows that you shall be fortunate and will progress a lot in your life. There are chances of staying away from house and you may undertake long journeys. You will receive profits and fame from your journeys. You shall be prosperous. You will always remain worried about your profits. You will have interest in social work. You will have normal interest in charity. You will try to lead your life independently.


1. Undertake the remedies for Jupiter.

2. Worship Lord Ganesha.

3. Respect your elders.