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Career astrology advise, Job Money Forecast advise

These questions cover most of the concerns of a client , but If you have still got any other question which you would like to get it answered by us and the same is not available in these questions , then you could go to our other questions section and send the same to us and we would answer that promptly.

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I am not able to find a job for the past six months. When will I get a job?
I want to change my job and get a better one. When will I get a better Job?
I am at present working in a private company. I want to switch to business. Do you think I will be successful?
I am at present doing a business. It is not working well. Now I want to switch over to a job. Do you think this move will be successful?
I want to get a job abroad. When will I go abroad?
I am having a problem at work with my boss. Do you think things will improve or will I have to quit?
I am due for a promotion since last year. Will I get it now?
I have given interview for a job. Will I get the job?
I have been suspended from my job. Will I be reinstated?
Which Profession will suit me?
Will business suit me?
How are my career-prospects?
When will I settle down in life?
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