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Astrological Cycles for winning and losing:
Winning and losing, whether it involves speculation in the financial markets, gambling, sports competitions, or even court cases, occurs in predictable cycles based on astrology. Practically everyone recognizes when he or she is on a winning streak; everything just seems to flow the right way. Of course, the converse is also true. Becoming aware in advance of your own cycles for profit or loss, and winning or losing, can help you plan and navigate your endeavors with greater success. The million dollar question is how to be aware of your winning cycles?

Taking help of Astrology could be your Missing Link to winning and getting maximum out of your winning periods. Before you put your own time or money on the line, it is essential that you check out what your own astrological cycles are telling you. Professional speculators, regardless of what they speculate on, have also mastered the art of self-discipline, use strict money management, and have a valid system that puts the odds in their favor. This is what separates them from the amateurs. Astrology is the missing link in any system that will dramatically increase your winning percentage. It does, however, require discipline on your part to follow it.

Astrology is a symbolic language, and certain planets are associated with luck and money, and others are associated with losses and setbacks.

The houses in astrology correspond to the different areas of one's life. Here are some of the houses as examples. The 5th house is the house of speculation, games, and competitions. The 10th house corresponds to ones public image, status and success. The 12th house is the house of secrets and ones private life. Frequently I have observed that the 12th house can block energy and bring frustration and disappointment when speculating. The 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th houses are considered your money houses and are an important element in winning or making money.

As you can imagine, integration of all these astrological factors requires skill and expertise from a seasoned astrologer to determine the right combinations that will increase your odds of winning. If you are seriously interested in knowing when your winning and losing cycles will be, please send me your birth details along with some of your past events . I will always do my best to help you achieve your goals and win more times than you lose.

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