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Virgo Astrology Profile

Virgo Astrology Profile

Virgo Profile

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General character:
Virgos are creative, delicate, and intelligent. You love to have everything in order, but are also patient. You are very observant, which can lead you to be judgmental. Some people may think that you are a cold person, because you rarely show your emotions. You also have a lot of charm and dignity, although you may not have many friends, due to your troubles with showing your feelings. Virgos are more followers than leaders. You are always logical.

Horoscope Matching
A medically mismatched couple risk their health & progeny, but an astrologically mismatched couple put at stake, their health, wealth, happiness, success, peace of mind, their future growth & prosperity - everything that makes life worthwhile.

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Romantic character:
Your attraction for the opposite sex leads you into unpleasant situations at times. Opposite sex gets attracted to you for your good manners, polite language, not realizing it is a ruse. Your attraction for the opposite sex will lead you from one affair to another. This is because you like to use your creativity and imagination in the relationship. However, you better not wear your heart on your sleeve.

Important Information on Virgoans

  • Good career choices for you are:
    Public Speaker.
  • Virgoans are prone problems with the abdomen and nervous system.
  • Your ruling planet: Mercury.
  • The Virgin is associated with Virgo.
  • Your lucky colors: green and dark brown.
  • Your lucky gemstone: sardonyx.
  • Your lucky numbers : 2, 5, 7.